Business Traveller: By Invitation Only

December 1, 2015

"Waiting lists for many of Londons most popular members clubs are six months long, and demand shows no signs of abating. Fortunately, many more are opening for business people keen to have their own private bolthole in the capital."

GANT: The New Creative Headquarters

"James O’Reilly, a trim, 32-year-old Irishman and NeueHouse founding partner, sits at a long table in the basement of his member’s club and co-working space. Just outside the boardroom’s glass wall is a screening room, a bar, and various arrangements of couches and leather armchairs. On the library-esque main floor, meanwhile, thirty-somethings in nice jeans and borrowed pairs of the club’s $400 headphones, type away at their laptops. Waiters from the café shuttle back and forth carrying avocado toasts and espressos. On the upper floors, desks and cubicles conjure a more familiar work environment, albeit one whose décor (cozy and post-industrial, somewhat “elevated bohemian,” is courtesy of the Rockwell Group) might supply ample inspiration for a dream downtown apartment."

CURATED Magazine: A New York State of Mind

"Somewhere between a SoHo House and WeWork, this intellectually minded social club / shared office space (plus artist studio and recording and broadcast facility) brings together like-minded individuals in a salon-like style."

Innovation Excellence: Interview with Craig Swann, Music Innovator, on the Launch of LoopLabs

November 24, 2015

"Does eavesdropping qualify as “an adjacency?” Sometimes it pays off. Last winter I found myself accidentally listening with greater and greater fascination to a conversation on the couch behind me at NeueHouse in New York. Finally I had to turn around and ask as Braulio Flores as gracefully as I could “what are you talking about?” He answered “Looplabs”, which happens to be the name of an organization where he serves as Director of Creative/Strategic Partnerships."

BIZBASH | Why a Screening Room Is a Must-Have Meeting Space

November 23, 2015

"Thoughtful design to the space can increase its value to event planners. NeueHouse’s new Hollywood screening room includes an adjacent greenroom that has access to what’s going on in the screening groom via monitors and audio feeds."


October 14, 2015

"When Mr Joshua Abram, co-founder and co-CEO of NeueHouse, was nine years old, his mother was on the co-op board of the landmark Manhattan building The Dakota. Mr John Lennon and Ms Yoko Ono wanted to move in. “I remember that there was this massive resistance,” he says. “‘Oh, there will be people gawking outside the building. They’ll be noisy.’ For whatever reason, the interview took place in our apartment, and my mother (saint that she was) let me hang around,” says Abram, as he drinks a coffee in one of NeueHouse’s video-conference rooms on a Friday afternoon."

T Magazine: Watch an Artist Create a Perfect Little Cloud Indoors

July 29, 2015

"Berndnaut Smilde’s Frieze Week forecast is cloudy with no chance of anything but art-making. The cheery young Dutchman, who sees himself “as a sculptor, mainly,” has stirred lots of attention for his “Nimbus” series of atmospheric creations, in which he plays weatherman and creates clouds indoors... For Frieze New York, the contemporary art showcase that descends upon Randall’s Island this week, the private work collective NeueHouse, an official partner of the fair, invited Smilde to cast his nebulae in its David Rockwell-designed 25th Street space."

New York Observer: A Design Bible Focuses in on Physics, Fast Food and Meryl Streep

July 14, 2015

"The beauty of New York City, according to NeueHouse member and web developer Matthew Dull, is that it represents a collision. When it comes to business, art and technology, the city represents a dismissal of boundaries. NeueHouse, the relatively new co-working space on East 25th Street, set out to channel that brand of interdisciplinary innovation within a single, closed environment. “Bringing people together from varying disciplines, generations and cultures is the cornerstone of our entire ethos at NeueHouse. It’s what we do best,” said Michelle Grey, editor-in-chief of NeueJournal. NeueJournal is the very first magazine born out of the member’s only space, as explained in the first issue’s letter from the editor."

Harper’s Bazaar: Jake Gyllenhaal on Inhabiting the Mind of a Sociopath

"How do you fall in love with a sociopath?" asks writer Dominic Teja Sidhu in the inaugural issue of NeueJournal. "Jake Gyllenhaal connects to the core of his characters by opening his heart to the darkest parts of their worlds," he continues, "The actor examines the empathy behind his complex performances, the magnetism in vulnerability and gives us a taste of the sweat behind his newest role in this year's Southpaw."

W Magazine: All Eyes on Brigitte Lacombe

"An evening celebrating photographer and NeueJournal contributor Brigitte Lacombe, who has taken portraits of actors Meryl Streep, Robin Wright, Jake Gyllenhaal and Oscar Isaac, and artists Ed Ruscha, Mary Heilmann and Frank Stella, for the magazine’s multiple covers."

The Hollywood Reporter: Jennifer Jason Leigh, Moby and Ava DuVernay Celebrate Photographer Brigitte Lacombe

'Photographer Brigitte Lacombe has numerous fans, and many of her star subjects are at the top of the list. Jennifer Jason Leigh shared her thoughts about the renowned French artist at an event Thursday night in Hollywood celebrating Lacombe’s recent collaboration with NeueHouse on the first edition of NeueJournal. “The way she works with you is so phenomenal because she sees things in you that you don’t really know about yourself,” said Leigh. “If you look through this journal, she works with so many different types of personalities and yet she gets something true from every single person."' ...

Artnet: A Hungry Art Lover’s Guide to the Best Food at Frieze New York

July 13, 2015

"Frieze New York is in full swing, and in addition to all the amazing art to be seen (see Ben Davis's Standout Artworks Amid the Chaos of Frieze New York 2015), there's plenty of delicious food to be had (see Roberta's, Milk Bar, and Frankies Spuntino Headline Frieze New York Food Vendors). As we did last year (see What To Eat During Frieze Week When You've Had Your Fill of Art), artnet News rounded up a selection of dishes from the Frieze restaurants. Here's our take on what to eat on Randall's this weekend... Yes, there is a VIP room, run by NeueHouse with chef Chris Bradley. No, you're not getting in. Don't even think about it."

Harper’s Bazaar: Your Frieze New York To-Do List

May 15, 2015

"Unwind in the Frieze VIP lounge hosted by NeueHouse, with cocktails, food, and music. Artist talks will also take place on Sunday May 17th at 11 a.m. "

Vanity Fair: Creating the Perfect Cloud Inside a Building in Manhattan’s Flatiron District

"They say you can’t control the weather—but for Berndnaut Smilde, that’s exactly his life’s work. The Dutch artist is known for his “Nimbus” series, in which he creates perfect, fluffy clouds in unique indoor spaces: churches, castles, dungeons, and most recently, in honor of Frieze New York, NeueHouse on 25th Street. The only lasting memory of his series is singular photograph—the perfect picture of the cloud in that space—which Smilde and his team work endlessly to capture."

PSFK 2015: NeueHouse Founder On Hospitality, Idea-Sharing & the Future of Work

May 8, 2015

"The workspace revolution that the tech pioneers of northern California started, Neuehouse has continued in New York, as Managing Director James O’Reilly explained at the PSFK 2015 conference. Gone are the archaic notions of the lifelong dedicated company man, the nine-to-five grind, and the stratification of management into nicer and nicer offices."

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